Monday, February 23, 2009

A Proven Solution

We are in a recession (or is it a depression) and Obama is proposing raising tax on the "rich". First, if anyone believes that this will be relegated only to the wealthy, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Secondly, when in history was it shown that raising taxes got us out of a bad economy.

Here is a clue: to get out of a downturn in spending, someone needs to start spending. That usually falls to the people with money. Since the poor have nothing and, now, the middle class is tapped out, that leaves the rich. They are the only ones with any money left. Yet, Obama feels it best to grow the government by taxing these people more.

Obama is suddenly concerned about the deficit. We know what this month's revelation is. Last month, Obama thought the deficit irrelevant when he was passing the biggest spending bill in U.S. history. Of course, now by being a budget hawk, Obama is able to implement more plans to redistribute the wealth. His social engineering platform is taking shape.

What do you call someone who sounds middle of the road yet is a flaming leftist? Barack Obama. Claims of socialism are not unwarranted. This guy is a lefty in the total sense of the word. And America fell for it. Well, I cannot blame the stupidity of the American people on Obama. They got that way all on their own.

Everyday we see the stupidity of this man. Raising taxes on the only set of people who have any money during the worst economic crisis in decades. That is stupidity at its finest. You talk a good game yet are proving that you are totally full of crap. Go back to Chicago you moron.

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