Saturday, November 1, 2008

Presidential Crookedness?

I wrote the other day about the crooked politician, Ted Stevens. I felt this story epitomizes one of the major things wrong with our political system. For the most part, the crooks are free to roam as they see fit. This is the basic premise behind the new revolution. Somehow we, the American people, need to take back control.

Ted Stevens shows how corrupt some can be. Nevertheless, there now appears to be another example of the corruption and it comes from one of our Presidential nominees. It seems there is a report that his aunt, who is living in a Boston public housing complex, is here in the United States illegally. Are you kidding me? A member of the family of a sitting U.S. Senator is illegally in the country. That is astonishing to me.

Many will say what is the big deal? I am certain this factoid will get little press while doing little to change anyone's mind. Most Americans are blind to what is important anyway. They are like sheep being led to slaughter. Look at the poor's overwhelming support of more government handouts. They fail to realize that it is the government which is keeping them down.

Anyway, what does an illegal aunt have to do with Obama's ability to hold the Office of President? First, to me, it shows how he has no regard for the laws of this nation. He feels that it is okay for his family to break the immigration laws of this country. Secondly, if he is not willing to uphold this standard within his own family, how can we believe that he will do it for the country? Obviously, he condones this type of behavior.

Is one black woman from Africa here in the United States illegally when there are 15 million others who fit into the same category a big story? Yes, when the nephew of that woman is running for President. This shows a great deal about his belief in the importance of laws.

One final thought that crossed my mind: if one receives $4 million from the profits of a book, why does he have an aunt on public assistance? I guess redistributing the wealth does not pertain to his money.

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