Monday, November 3, 2008

The Spin

I watched all the Democratic pundits on television spinning Obama's statements about bankrupting the coal industry. (I wrote about this here). It is amazing how these people can spin the facts.

Their tactic is to reflect the criticism away from Obama. Almost to a person, each of these people, when asked if Obama is going to bankrupt the coal industry, said that Obama's plan is no different then McCain's. That is a diversionary tactic. They never answered a question which Obama himself answered. We have a Presidential candidate who is willing to put private industry out of business and use the power of the government to do that. Did we move to Venezuela and nobody told me? What is next, he will take control of the media?

This is an example of the spin that politicians use. The same is true for those in their campaign. It is impossible to get a straight answer out of any of them. We, the people, are left to decipher between one set of lies and another. That is why it is time for all of them to go.

Judging by some of the email that I get, it seems that most of you cannot handle the truth. Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men was correct. It is one thing for the one blinded by ideology to fall prey to the political nonsense. However, for reasonably sensible people it does not make sense.

Here is the truth and if you cannot handle it tough. Millions of you will vote tomorrow and are free to choose whomever you like. Nevertheless, if you have anything to do with the coal industry, your life is going to change for the worse. Your company will lose competitiveness with other energy sources since it cannot expand. If you live in areas that are dependent upon this industry, get prepared for your towns to suffer. We are going to see some ghost towns in these areas.

As I stated, this is an election of two pathetic candidates. Neither is worth a crap in my opinion. At best, they are each some of the weakest people their parties could muster. Seeing all the mudslinging that is occurring, I can see why. What respectable individual wants to subject himself/herself to this stuff? It comes down to who is lying to us the least.

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