Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Automaker Bailout II

These nimrods are going to try for the money in the first part of December. Sadly, much of this situation could be avoided if only the union would be flexible. Of course, those greedy bastards will never agree to anything that reduces their power (just like the corrupt people in Congress). Before the government authorizes one cent to the Big Three, they ought to require they set up all plants like this.

Watch this video to get the skinny on what is possible.

Unfortunately, you will never see this happen in the United States. The three headed terror of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are drooling over the idea of strengthening the unions. I can only presume they are intent on bankrupting the entire industry. Unions show all that is wrong with this country. Talk about a group that advocates no personal responsibility.

Consider the areas that the unions have the most influence: automobile manufacturing, airlines, and government. And what areas are the most screwed up: automobile manufacturing, airlines, and government. This shows they are at the core of much of the failure in this country.

Well, the only thing I can say about the UAW is that they will not have to renegotiate their contracts with these idiots in charge. However, when the manufacturers are out of business, they will be getting a paycheck of a big fat ZERO. I, for one, will applaud that day.

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