Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Is Our Government

We initially were established as a democracy which means "rule by the majority". This might be true back when the Founding Fathers created the new government. Sadly, we are a long way away from this now. Recent events reveal exactly the form of government which exists.

An oligarchy is "rule by a few". This is definitely the case in the era. The other day I wrote how the Federal government is run by 536 people (read here). This clearly shows that the fate of 300 million people is in the hands of an elite few.

However, there is another level that needs to be looked at. There is a classification of oligarchy which is termed "plutocracy". This is "rule by the wealthy". Take a look at the members of Congress and you quickly realize how true this is. Also, with all the money required to get into office, it is impossible for the "average Joe" to get elected. Even a state seat requires hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another characteristic of a plutocracy is that the degree of economic inequality is high while social mobility is low. The idea of upward mobility is advertised as being available to everyone but, in reality, only a few can do this. Look at the black race. They were poor generations ago and are still in that same situation. As a culture, they really did not ascend in social standing. The same is true of most born into poverty.

We hear a lot about the separation between rich and poor. Inflation is increasing at an astounding rate (do not believe the 2%-3% crap the government claims; 7%-9% is more accurate). This affects the lower income people more than those who are well off. Also, someone with 1/10 the money to invest will need to get 10 times the return to keep pace with the wealthy. Thus, the separation of rich and poor is increasing.

This is the situation as it is now. If you are one who is holding out that you are living in a democracy, wake up. The government is run by the wealthy. We are starting to see the government take over the resources of the country. Our financial system is owned in part by the Feds. Do you think they will ever give up that control? Also, since they are so irritated with the oil companies, I can envision the government getting involved there. Of course, they will sell this by telling us how it is to protect us from "corporate greed". The control of natural resources by the government is another aspect of plutocracy. It is here folks. Accept it!!!

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