Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where Have You Gone Adam Smith?

For those who do not know who Adam Smith was, he is called "The Father of Modern Economics". It was his ideas that helped to shape the modern economic models. All economics since his time can be traced in their thinking back to his concepts.

Smith had a simple view of government. He felt that government needed to perform tasks that only it could do. Their responsibility was limited to three areas and anything outside those was best left to the private sector. These three areas are:

1. National Defense
2. Political and Judicial Functions
2. Infrastructure

These are limited and well defined roles. If our government limited itself to these areas, we would have a more efficient system. Instead, we have what Ted Nugent loving calls "Fedzilla". This over bloated entity believes that it needs to put it's hand into everything. Realistically, outside these three areas, it is doomed to fail.

I want the government that Smith referred to. Sadly, I am not going to get it. We now have a bunch of wimps in office who believe in appeasing our enemies (I wrote about this here). Thus, they will not be able to protect our asses from those who want to kill us. We saw an electoral process that was marred by voter registration fraud and a process that took almost two years. The past Congress spent the same two years passing no meaningful legislation. Here again, they fall down on the law and order end of things. Finally, since there are so many billions wasted on stupid government programs which only expand the slavery-type bondage that people live under, our infrastructure went to crap. The third area of responsibility that has failed.

We need a revolution. At this moment, there is still time to have it occur with ideas. However, we are moving towards a time when violence is needed. People are dying because of decisions the government makes. Unless we, as a nation, wake up and tell the corrupt politicians what they are going to do, we are going to be in a world of mess. The time to act is now.

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