Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dealing With A Terrorist

I often wonder what goes through the mind of some people when they say the stupid things they do. To start, everyone, with the exception of a few nutcases, wants peace. Even those we term "hawks" would prefer to reach an agreement without the use of force. However, we know this is not always possible.

Presently, there is an element in the world which is determined to destroy all that we enjoy. These people hate us. They have taken an aspect of a particular religion while warping it terribly. In the end, they concluded that all "infidels" must die. This belief is ingrained to the point where they will do anything to achieve it's end.

If they are given their chance, they would commit mass genocide. Again, their beliefs tell them that people outside of them are not worthy of living. We are lower than animals on the spectrum of life. We were put here to be eradicated. This group includes Jews, Christians, and Atheists. Even those who worship the devil are included.

There was a man who carried similar beliefs 70 years ago. Adolf Hitler believed in the "master race". Because of this, he felt the need to terminate the lives of an entire group of people. In his case, he felt the Jews were the ones who needed to go first. In the end, he slaughtered somewhere around 6 million.

The world took a soft stance initially with Hitler. Leaders in Europe including Mussolini thought him to be a friend. Sadly, they learned how devious Hitler was when he conquered their countries.

At the same time, there was a force which was willing to stand up to Hitler. The leaders of these countries were willing to do whatever was necessary to eradicate the world of this evil. In the end, Germany was defeated because people dealt with this terrorist force with strength.

Fast forward to this era. We have a segment of people, including those con artist who hold political positions, who feel we ought to be kind to the terrorists of today. The liberal philosophy is what gets innocent people killed. Throughout the 90s, we sat and watched as Al Qaeda attacked us repeatedly. The first World Trade Center bombing and the U.S.S. Cole come to mind. Ultimately, they hit us on 9/11/2001 which resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 innocent people.

Yet these idiots do not learn from history. They repeatedly called for the release of prisoners in Guantanamo. "These people have rights and should be tried in a court of law" is what we heard. This mindset is what results in death. My feeling is someone is going to die. We should be able to choose between the horse's ass spewing this garbage versus a brave Marine. My choice is the idiot with his head up his ass.

Here is it all in a nutshell: there is only one way to deal with someone who is willing to die for their beliefs and that is to kill that person. Put a bullet in his head. There is no negotiating with this person. What do you say to a person who is willing to attach a bomb to his or her body in an effort to blow up a shopping mall? There is nothing to say. You kill that person and move on. It is simple.

We saw a shift to the left in the leadership of the United States. This means that we have a bunch of people who are not willing to engage a dangerous enemy. They feel the U.S. Military is a bad thing which was used to bully the rest of the world. We are now in the age of appeasing those who hate us. Well, mark my words, lunatics like Al Qaeda will not be appeased until we are all dead. It is time for us to quake in our boots.

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