Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Nation Of Dilberts

Most remember the popular cartoon Dilbert that appeared in the papers during the 80s and 90s. This character epitomized the lazy worker who was always trying to get away with doing as little as possible. His entire existence was his cubicle which led to a horrible attitude. Dilbert was pessimistic about all that occurred. Overall, it was a funny cartoon.

Unfortunately, it is not good in reality. People in the United States are looking for handouts. This applies equally to the top corporations who are struggling all the way down to the drunk who would rather drink than work. Welfare is becoming our primary pastime as a country. Of course, the government labels it different terms, bailout, loans, or whatever. In the end, it is all the same thing.

Dire Straights had a hit song in the 80s which said "money for nothing and chicks for free". This line was referring to the experience of the rock star. Sadly, it seems this is the present day dream of most of the people you meet (only half care about the chicks part). Give me! Give me! Give me! This is the mantra.

Married with Children was a popular program for about 10 years. Who can forget the plight of Al Bundy, the shoe salesman who never won. He failed at everything he did. Yet, he got up each morning and went to a job he hated. Somehow, he made ends meet in spite of a low salary and dismal existence. He was never handed a check from the government even though he was struggling.

That is an idea that is far gone. Chalk that concept up there with the white picket fence in the 1950s. These are bygone eras which will never be recaptured. And we have our leaders to thank for this.

Society is in the process of rewarding failure and corruption. Our government always held these values to be pure. It is an entity which is known for stifling creativity and advancement. Now, they are moving to the private sector by their interference with different businesses. The automakers are a prime example. We, the taxpayers, are going to reward the ineptitude of management and greed of the Unions. Those two entities are the primary reason why the Big Three are in so much trouble. Yet, it is now up to us to bail them out. Screw that. Let them suffer.

Every trait that made the United States the world leader is being buried in the name of ineptitude. Those in power want to create a "level playing field". What they really are doing is weakening everyone else while their power grows. Have you noticed how Congress has offered nothing in terms of personal sacrifice during this entire crisis. They want the average person to make sacrifices yet still continue along the same path themselves. This is corruption at it's finest.

Dilbert is becoming the rule instead of the exception. Welcome to America.

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