Sunday, November 2, 2008

Every Vote Counts

This is the mantra that we are told. The events in the 2000 election made it seem like this is actually true. If you recall, the vote between Bush and Gore was really tight in Florida. Who can forget the hanging chad? In the end, Bush was awarded the election based upon numerous recounts. But, who really knows if he won or not?

The point of this is not to dispute who won the election in 2000. What is important is how voter fraud can have such an impact. If your vote counts, especially in a close election, then so does every single vote cast by Mickey Mouse.

ACORN is receiving a lot of publicity for it's practice of signing up bogus voters. This very act strikes at the foundation of the American democratic system. Rigged elections occur where there is a dictator in place. Saddam and Castro come to mind. It is amazing they win by an overwhelming majority. Nevertheless, it is not something that we have here.

Wrong!!!! This election is as corrupt as we ever have seen. It is proven that the Obama campaign contributed $800,000 to the coffers of ACORN (actually one of its affiliate organizations). There are millions of dollars in unregulated contributions that came from overseas which is against election law. Finally, the media, supposedly independent, is in the tank for Obama giving him trillions in free positive publicity. So much for a level playing field.

Now, I am only picking on Obama since the Democrats are the ones receiving the advantage. The Republicans would be doing exactly the same thing if given the opportunity. Therefore, you cannot trust any of them. Many believe the difference between them is the party. That is incorrect. The only difference between politicians is that some have tits.

So what can we do about voter fraud? My theory is that voter fraud should be a capital offence. Let's behead those guilty of it. Too rash? Look around you and see how this country is turning into a playground for these corrupt individuals. Also, all voter drive organizations should be disbanned with all their funds taken immediately. Who needs them other than a party trying to rig elections? Registering to vote is one of the simplest things in the world. If you are too lazy to take your ass down to the election office, then you do not deserve to vote. End of discussion. And don't give me that bullcrap about the ill and beridden. They are not the ones who are being registered on these voter drives.

The time is coming where we will see bloodshed. There is a dictator on the rise; we are uncertain who it is. Democracy is dead. We are living in the age of tyranny. Thus far it is not a single individual. However, that will change in the future. Perhaps the Messiah known as Obama will move in that direction. Mark my words, this one is as corrupt as they come.

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