Monday, November 3, 2008

Govenmental Interference

This keeps getting better. A recording surfaced yesterday (interesting timing) that had Obama caught on tape talking about what he will do to the coal industry. Evidently, he was interviewed back in January of this year where he made the statement that if a company decides to build a coal plant, it will bankrupt them due to the costs they will incur for the emissions. He went on to say that energy prices will necessarily increase.

Now, this is getting scary. Here is an individual who believes the government has the right to bankrupt private companies. Also, he shows no concern for the plight of the American people. Obviously, the idea that their budgets will be devastated is of no concern to him. This is the typical mindset of the politicians.

Obama was called an "elitist". I think this title fits him. Of course, do not believe he is that different from the norm in that regard. All of our elected officials, at the Federal level, are elitist. McCain is one also. When was the last time he had to budget for the electric bill? Their ability to understand the plight of the average family does not exist.

So, once again we are left with the reality that the citizens are being screwed by the American people. If Obama's ideas go through, every family will incur higher energy costs and by a substantial amount. Also, all those people who make their living off the coal industry have to understand their livelihood is threatened. I wonder what Robert Byrd feels about this idea since West Virginia is one of the largest producing coal states.

If we heard statements like these from another country, we would be ready to go to war. Americans would be irate if Iran, as an example, said that it was going to bankrupt the U.S. coal industry. However, when a Presidential candidate makes that claim, nobody pays any attention. Perhaps it is because many believe that he will carry out nothing that he promised anyway. Hold onto your paychecks; it is going to get ugly.

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