Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too Stupid To Vote?

This past election showed how stupid people really are. It is sad that the intelligence level of the average voter dropped so low. I guess it is a symbol of how pathetic the election process has gotten in this country.

It is no secret that the mainstream media was in the tank for Obama. We are seeing signs of those biased outlets admitting that perhaps their coverage was slanted towards Obama. Gee that is a major revelation.

Before going any further, this article will not make the claim that all Obama voters are stupid. They are not. There are many who believe in his philosophies while claiming to know what he stands for. Yet, with such slanted coverage, how can anyone be sure they know what he is all about.

John Ziegler of Zogby is putting together a documentary "Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected". It is based upon his results of interviews with dozens of Obama voters. He asks a series of questions designed to determine the knowledge level of these people about that campaign. A preview can be see here.

The right to vote is something that is guaranteed to those in this country. However, I must say that there are some who are just too dumb to vote. If you cannot make an informed decision, you ought to stay home. We ensure people can operate a vehicle before we give them a driver's license. Therefore, we should determine if someone has basic political brain function before giving them a voter registration card.

Before getting all up in arms that I am being unfair, notice in the film that they asked tough questions like "What do you think of Nancy Pelosi" or "Do you know who Barney Frank is". These are not exactly obscure people. Also, during the campaign, both of their names came up as major players in some of the recent events. Yet these people cannot even identify who they were.

These people are political morons. They have no ability to decide anything on their own. The only basis for their votes is what the mainstream media tells them. Well, since the major networks and papers were for Obama, with some giving him 80% favorable coverage, it is no wonder these idiots thinks he can walk on water. Again, these people have no business being in a voting booth.

I propose minimum requirements that people need to meet in order to vote in Presidential elections. This is not something that is too much to ask. The lives of the other 300 million people rest upon the knowledge of the rest of the field voting. This election showed one thing: that many people are simply to stupid to vote.

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