Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Handout Nation

What is the difference between a "handout" and a "bailout"? In effect they are the same. The only difference is the economic class which the terms are applied. Who gets bailouts? Corporations and perhaps homeowners. Those who own something get a bailout. Handouts go to those who are desolate. The ones who have absolutely nothing get a handout from the government.

I mentioned in past articles that the government is broke. We have no more money other than what we borrow from other countries. The $700 billion bailout package of the financial institutions was done with loaned money. We are going in debt to save those who are going under. This begs to question "who will save us"?

My question is "where will it all stop". Already, the automobile manufacturers are hitting up the Treasury for $50-$75 billion. Who is next? Bet the ranch the airlines are already circling the wagons. American Express is now a bank, thus entitling it to Fed funds. With Starbucks taking a 90% hit on it's profit, surely they will be entitled to assistance. After all, we cannot do without $5 cups of coffee.

This is getting absurd. We were told at the time of the first bailout that the financial institutions were necessary, kind of like a utility. Our country cannot operate without credit. Okay, I buy that one. But can we do without the cars from the American manufacturers. Since they are building stuff that nobody wants, I would think so.

It is time to tell Washington enough. The loss of the automobile manufacturers will cost us roughly 3 million jobs. Well guess what? We are going to lose them anyway. These companies are operating under an old, worn out system. The union is going to strong arm for their share. They are partially responsible for the mess the companies are in.

The United States is a nation of handouts. Nowhere is anyone mentioning personal responsibility in all these messes. Management at the car companies misread the market while the unions forced contracts that were destructive to the overall health of the industry. Both sides were at fault and the taxpayer need not bail them out.

We preach that the revolution is coming. Socialism is already among us. Do you want to live like they do in France? Who here wants the government dictating everything that one is involved in? Certainly no self respecting American. The age of returning to the vision of our forefathers is here. Begin to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to combat the enemy. And, remember, the enemy is most likely your next door neighbor. That person is most likely buying the bull crap the media is promoting. This is a process that takes you down with it.

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