Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Crooked Politician

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What a surprise. We have another crooked politician on our hands. This one, however, was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He took "improper" gifts. To me, that is a nice term for "payoff" (kickback or bribe also works). This is an example of the corruption at it's worst.

So what does this say about the people in our government? Some will try to proclaim this was only a "bad apple" among many fine individuals who adhere to the rules. What a bunch of crap that is. If you do not believe that all our fine leaders are on the take, then answer how those same people can enter office with modest wealth and exit rich. This on a salary of $130,000-$170,000. The answer is they cannot.

A politician convicted of 7 felonies fails to surprise us. It is interesting to note that this guy was in the Senate since 1968. We had a crook running our country for the past 40 years. My question is if he was convicted of these 7 counts, what else did he do that we missed? I am certain, in the course of his distinguished career, he received many more "gifts". Chalk it all up to politics.

In my view, this individual betrayed the public's trust. For that he ought to receive double penalty. It is like when a police officer turns crooked and betrays the people of the community. That individual ought to be jailed in the general population. Maybe that would deter the next one.

So what do we do with the esteemed Senator Stevens? Make his life living hell. Take everything that he owns and leave him (and his family) completely broke. We know his wealth was build off ill-gotten gains so we should remove it. Then, we ought to put him in maximum security until he dies. Since he is 84, that will not be too long. Let's make an example of this criminal. Nothing is too harsh for him.

America has tolerated the behavior of crooked politicians for too long. It is time that we tell those in charge that we will not accept this anymore. Perhaps it is time to form a good ole fashioned posse. The time is getting close.

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