Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Demise Of Democracy

I wrote about The Demise of Democracy the other day. Judging from you responses, it obviously struck a chord with most of you. we are witnessing a changing of what we base the election of our leaders on.

Yesterday I wrote about the lack of personal responsibility on the part of the American people. This article, along with the video of an Obama supporter, shows how the mindset of America is already at the socialistic levels. I like to blame the politician for all their corruption, which is accurate. However, the population is doing this to themselves.

I have a friend who lives in England. Obviously, they are a bit further down the socialistic road than we are. She relates stories of what goes on there. Fortunately, I am getting a preview of what we have coming.

Any government that exerts too much power ends up imploding. There never was a great civilization that was conquered from the outside. Look at the Roman, French, and Spanish empires. Each of these fell as a result of their leadership. Eventually, an uprising occurred which weakened the nation as a whole. I believe we are moving in that direction.

Over taxation is the major issue which is going to cause the demise of democracy in our country. The elite who are in control write the laws which favors themselves. Since they are wealthy, they will leave the loopholes to exempt themselves (this is why raising taxes on the rich rarely works). Thus, to compensate for the large increase in government spending, the middle class will have to pick up the slack. This reality is a great difference than our candidates are promising. So much for "tax cuts for the middle class".

We are already seeing the implication of voter fraud in our election process. The events of 2000 really put the process in doubt for many people. Now, with organizations like ACORN being investigated for widespread voter registration fraud, it only compounds the problem. As we keep moving in this direction, we will quickly see how those in power can manipulate the system to further benefit themselves. It will make redistricting look like a fair solution.

Americans feel a sense of entitlement. I reread the Constitution last night to see if our Founding Fathers ever felt that a mortgage and gasoline were considered inalienable rights. Nowhere did I see it. It makes me think that most feel they ought to get something for nothing. These people need to be slapped in the face with reality. The basis of a revolutionary movement is already being laid.

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