Saturday, November 1, 2008

Update: Presidential Crookedness

Here is a total shock: Barak Obama claims that he had no idea that is aunt was in the country illegally. Instead, his campaign is blaming the dirty tactics on the Republicans. Isn't that always the way with these people? When you are caught, you blame someone else.

This is what is infuriating to the country. How can anyone believe anything these people say? Obama will get tens of millions of votes. Many of these people who are blinded by their ideology. The rest prove that they are idiots. Of course, McCain is not better. I truly hope that Barr and Nader get lots of support; that will tell me at least people are protesting the events of the major parties.

Anyway, it now seems that Obama's auntie ignored a deportation order. And he knew nothing about it. Does he think the American people are that stupid? I believe he does. Sadly, he is correct though. The American people are that stupid. They will believe anything that the politicians tell them.

What does this say about Obama? In my estimation, one of two things is going on here. First, either he knew and he is lying through his teeth. Or, he honestly had no idea which tells of his character. How could you have no idea if you aunt left the country after receiving a deportation order? I guess the same way you could sit in a church twice a month for 20 years and never hear the Pastor spew anti-American rhettoric. Again, either he is a liar or an idiot. And one thing Obama is not is stupid.

On Tuesday, America goes to the polls (they actually started already). They have a choice between one who is being proven on a weekly basis to be full of crap and one who is in political office so long he is incapable of telling the truth. Who will best represent this country? As you can guess, in this one America will come out the loser. Fortunately, it will move us one step closer to the inevitable explosion. The clock is ticking.

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