Monday, November 17, 2008

A Corrupt Treasury Secretary

It seems that some in Congress are getting a bit upset at the lack of accountability over the bailout funds it authorized last month. There is a report that there are grumblings that Secretary Paulson might have given some of the money to his friends. Now there is a shocker. What surprises me is not that this might have taken place but that Congress is upset by it. That seems to be standard business practice for Washington.

Simply, Paulson is corrupt. He wields a lot of power and only abuses it. While I would say that he believes what he is doing is proper, the end result is deceit. America cannot stand for this anymore. These people are sinking this country faster than any enemy forces ever dreamed of.

Obama also mentioned rescuing the economy "no matter what". Well that is a death sentence for us. What that translates to is more government spending which will further weaken our standing in the world. Financially we are teetering on the brink of total collapse yet these morons in Washington will just keep spending more. We can presume there will be a bailout for the Big Three. What a losing proposition that it. At least it is only $25 billion.

The Revolution believes we are getting close to the time when things will get really nasty. History shows that people do not take kindly to massive poverty. That is the road that we are heading towards. Every socialistic/communisitic system created massive poverty. It is no secret that we started moving in that direction decades ago. Well, it is now time to pay up. And we do not have the funds.

What do we need to do to reverse this situation? Hanging Paulson on the front lawn of the White House is a good start. Let's make a statement that corrupt politicians will not be tolerated. Until we get rid of all the dirty, behind-the-scenes tactics, our government will continue on a downward spiral.

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