Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Taking Down Of A Society

We have turned into a country that rewards ineptitude. At the same time, we are penalizing those who succeed. The issues of the last election cycles show how our political "leaders" are promoting this concept. Each day, we hear more about bailouts for corporations, individuals, and other entities who are in trouble.

The oil companies found themselves in the middle of debates among the two candidates. Obama proposed a windfall profit tax on them. If this does not epitomize the idea of punishing success, I do not know what does. Let us forget that a tax on a corporation is truly passed on to the consumer. The notion that we will penalize success means that we are rewarding failure. This is the beginning of the downward slide.

Our present financial crisis shows how they are going to reward bad decisions. The banks made terrible mistakes investing in mortgage backed securities. When they went bust, the government decided to bail them out. Also, homeowners who willing signed documents on homes they could not afford are going to be bailed out. They will be insulated against the consequences for their actions.

What does this mean to a nation? If you do not know this answer, then you are asleep. For 4 decades we witnessed a movement towards equality. We feel that everyone should be living the same way. If one group of people is lagging, we will "lift them up" by providing government aid to "level the playing field". The result of this is a weaker society.

It is time to get our heads out of our ass. The people who are on the bottom are there because that is where they belong. Simply, that is the position in society that they are deemed to occupy. Somebody has to be there and they are perfect for it. If they belonged anywhere else, they would do what it takes to change their life.

The United States always was the "Land of the Free". We offered people opportunities which did not exist anywhere else. Whether one took advantage of those opportunities was that individual's decision. Nevertheless, they had the chance to improve their life.

What is to follow will piss some people off. My answer is "good". Stop being a wimp and hear what I am saying.

Anyone who complains about their chances in this country need to be slapped. This includes all the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Certain groups seem to feel they are not given an equal chance. These same people want all the government handouts. Yet, when you have problems within their communities, they are quick to blame others. This is how they can protect the absurdity of their existence.

I like to use the American black as an example because they epitomize how the weakening of a society exists when you try to lift the lowest up. Some will want to throw the race card out there while calling me a racist. Well, since I think Political Correctness is a bunch of crap for whiners who cannot look at real issues, go ahead. It is your narrow mindedness that is causing you to be the true racist.

Anyway, our culture is one of immigration. Everyone in America, with the exception of the Native Americans, is a product of immigration. However, our ancestors did it legally (that is another topic altogether) and for solely for the purpose of the opportunity. This is true whether one is Irish, Polish, Chinese, or Hispanic. These people came to the United States with the sole intention of creating a better life for their families. Simply, America was a better deal than wherever they came from.

What happened to these people? The first generation struggled. However, they were persistent in the pursuit. They worked hard becoming skilled at a trade, often opening up their own businesses. At home, they taught their children the importance of education. Slowly, over time, they were able to move up in social and economic standing. The second generation benefited since they were in a position to advance past their parents. Each ensuing group of offspring duplicated this situation.

Now let's go back to the blacks. Their path started with the release from slavery in the mid 1800s. For the past 150 years, they were free to create whatever life they wanted. Certainly, their history is wrought with struggle which led to the civil rights movement. Every step of the way was difficult for this sector of society because of prejudice and hatred. However, remember they are not the only group to suffer this fate.

So where are the blacks now. They are still on the bottom. Why is that? This group of people has received more assistance from the government than any other single group. Yet they still are in a state of dependence. In short, the blacks allow themselves to be kept in a state of slavery. Instead of the plantation owner holding all the cards, it is the government. Today's black is told where to live, where to shop, and what he or she can buy. If you doubt the validity of that statement, research the governmental welfare program and see how many limitations are put on those who live under these constraints.

What is the difference between the groups who arrived as immigrants? Basically, it is the outlook. If you consider the Asians and Hispanics who entered into this country in the last 40 years, you will notice the same trend that occurred 100 years ago with the Irish and Italians. The first generation struggled but was easily surpassed by their better educated offspring. Yet, the blacks are into their 6 or 7th generation with no improvement whatsoever. Many will claim it is the biases that keep the black man down. Nevertheless, many still see their way to being 2nd or 3rd generation welfare recipients. It is not the prejudices but the belief in the government which is destroying this group of people.

Are all black people on welfare and poor? Of course not. There are many black people who have done extremely well. It is this fact which further emphasizes that there is opportunity for those who take advantage of it. However, few do. Even the black "leadership" assists in the social conditioning by always preaching how the black race needs "this handout" or "that law" to excel. Rarely do they promote personal responsibility as a route to success. In fact, those, such as Bill Cosby, are vilified and called "Uncle Toms" when they speak out against the lack of responsibility. Once again, the belief system keeping them down.

How does this all pertain to the taking down of a society? Simple. For all the effort that was undertaken to create an atmosphere of equality, the only that occurred was the weakening of those who are successful. The weak will always be weak because that is what they are. Nature dictates this, not me. Life is survival of the fittest and society is no different. Groups that have the strength to excel will. Those which do not, will not.

We spent a lot of time, effort, and money into "lifting" people up. A few took advantage of the opportunity. I would guess that those who did change their fortunes would have done so regardless of what the government did. The old saying "you cannot keep a good man down" applies. However, it was a waste for the majority since they are exactly where they started.

In capitalism, there will be failure. It is part of the equation. Those who learn from failure will grow and be stronger. The ones who fail to do this will go under. This applies to companies as well as individuals. Presently, we are bailing out banks. If a bank goes under, another one will step in to fill the void. The same goes for automobile manufacturer's. The Big Three can go under and we still will have cars to drive. Another company will fill the void by producing more cars.

The bottom line is that the entire nation is weakened when we allow the strong to be weakened in an effort to create parity among all the people. Again, the people on the bottom will be there no matter what anyone or anything does to help them. The ones who want to change the course of their life will do so regardless of what obstacles are in front of them. So, let us stop this weakening of ourselves by accepting personal responsibility for all that transpires. Our government is screwing everyone by offering handouts. This weakens people as individuals, as a ethnic group, and as a nation.

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