Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Media

The national media in the United States is obviously a group that leans to the left. This is a well known fact that is not even disputed by most of them anymore. Organizations such as The New York Times, CNN, and NBC are examples who have no partiality anymore. They spew forth their viewpoints under the guise of news.

To me, this is okay. If one does not like what is being said, turn the channel. That is personal responsibility. It is not up the to government to censor what comes over the airwaves. I feel this way whether we are referring to the left or the right. When the Christian nutcases want to get up and want to ban violence on t.v., I say the same thing. Take responsibility for what is on in your house.

However, there is a new issue that is really concerning to me. It seems the L.A. Times (part of the liberal media) has a tape of the Presidential candidate Barack Obama at an event with know supporters of PLO leader Arafat. Evidently, some pretty harsh things were said against America and Israel (are all the Jewish readers listening). Let us be clear: these people want to wipe Isreal off the map and Obama felt comfortable sitting there listening to this stuff. Perhaps he liked the food too much to leave.

What is most concerning about this situation is that the L.A. Times refuses to release the tape. Here is a matter that could be of national interest and a news organization is refusing to let the public know about it. Can you see this occuring in the days of Walter Cronkite? Of course not. A news organization is suppose to uncover news for the people. Yet here, a news organization is hiding it.

It is time to overthrow the media. Personally, I get none of my news off the mainstream media. I have never watched Brain Williams or Katie Curic. If I want the liberal view on things, I can go to the DNC's website. The Internet is greatest frontier for the flow of ideas. Checking with a few different websites allows me to get a clear picture of what is transpiring. Of course, now there are reports that governments want to censor this medium. A report today has Australia looking into it.

Where will it stop? We are at the crossroads in our history. Unless something is done, there will be a major uprising. Blood will be shed. The world's history is wrought with stories of how oppressed people rebel against those in charge. The way I see it, this will start in Washington.

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