Saturday, November 8, 2008

Transparency In Government

It amazes me how backwards our system is. I want to give you a little example of how crazy this situation is with our government. Imagine going into work and being accountable to nobody in the organization. When your boss questions what you are doing, you are free to withhold the answer. As you go through your budget, there is no accountability for the money spent. If you reach the point where you ran through the budget, you simply get a check from the owner. To top it all off, you can give yourself a raise whenever you feel you merit it.

I am certain this is not how things work in your place of employment. The fact is that we in the private sector are accountable to those who are responsible for the money. Washington is a totally different animal. There is no transparency with our government. Leaders do not answer questions as to what they are doing with our money. It is time this was changed.

Technology came a long way in the last 30 years. Computers make it possible to process larges amounts of data quickly. This gives us the ability to monitor every expenditure that the government has. With the improvement in databases, we can now filter it so that we get the proper information that we are seeking. If a Congressman or woman went to lunch with a particular lobbyist, we should be able to find a record of that expense. This also tells us who they are meeting with.

In the sales, one is responsible to his or her sales manager. At any time, that person can ask about a particular account. The schedule is open for the manager to view if desired. Of course, this same authority is granted to the owner of the company if it is a private concern. That power comes from being responsible for signing the payroll checks (or at least funding them).

Why can't we have this same ability with our government? We can if we demand it. These people work for us not the other way around. It is time we stop allowing them to spend our money without recourse. The system allows for too much waste and fraud without the public's eyes on them. Even if they enter Washington with a degree of ethics, they soon become corrupt with power.

There are some who will tell you that all the figures are available. That is technically true. However, in typical Washington fashion, it is a misdirection. Who is going to be able to find the data in a pile of 5 million documents. This is how they keep people uninformed. Power is protected by burying ill advised expenses. Congress does the same thing with pork that is added to spending bills. It buries appropriations deep within a 200 page bill totally billions of dollars. A classic case of misdirection.

I think America is getting close to having had enough. Anyone who is expecting change from the great Savior Barack Obama is a total fool. This is the person who refused public funding which allowed him to keep his donors secret. He raised $650 million. I want any Obama supporter to tell me who the donors were and to assure me that there were no illegal contributions. There is one catch, if you are wrong we will execute on the steps of the courthouse for being stupid. Obama is just as crooked as the rest of them. I am certain there were donations from the same people that exceeded the limits while others came from overseas. Yet, like the government, there is no transparency.

If Obama wants to change the culture of government his first task will be to get Congress to fund the establishing of a database which monitors the expense of ever person in his office, congress, and all lobbyists. That will prove to me that this is a "man for the people". Short of that, he is showing how he is another corrupt politician who is only going to enrich himself and his friends. More of the same will start to move us towards the violence. The revolution is coming one way or another.

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