Monday, November 10, 2008

A Promise Of Change

It is less than a week after the United States elected Barack Obama on the platform of change. In that time, he has seen fit to reverse course on that idea and buy into the Washington insider system. It is amazing the speed of this professional liar.

This ought to tell you how Obama promised nothing which he intended on keeping. He is a professional politician who specializes in misleading people to get votes. That is what he does other than voting present when confronted with a decision. These are his true colors.

Obama went through all the effort to set up a website called on which he listed his agenda for change. It was based upon the promises he made on his campaign's website. Suddenly, it is gone but for a paragraph describing some broad ideas. His people say the website is being redone but don't hold your breathe on that. (Click here to read the full story).

As for changing the culture inside Washington, seems that Obama forgot what he campaigned against. Let us remember how he railed Hillary Clinton for being an insider tied to all that was wrong with Washington. When, it appears that Obama felt the need to name these same people as part of his transition team. Search the names of Frederico Pena, Bill Daley, Susan Rice, and Rahm Emanuel to see where their background is. I will bet that you find they all worked in the Clinton Administration. Seems like these people were evil only during the election. Now that the campaign is over, it is business as usual.

Remember everyone who voted for modern day Pinocchio so that you can slap them when things go bad. Mark my words, we are going to see an expansion of government like we never imagined possible. This meathead might make Jimmy Carter look like a good President. All the misleading statements that Obama made during the election are coming to light. The status quo is in safe hands.

The only thing that I can say America is to get the vaseline out because you are going to receive a screwing like you never got before. And, 52% of you voted for him. I hope you get it first.

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