Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Is Responsible?

We hear a lot of the blame game being played, especially with the recent financial crisis. It is amazing how nobody in power will stand up and state how he or she messed up. Well, maybe it is not amazing. Perhaps that is just how politics is.

Fortunately, the truth cannot be hidden from us. Here is the skinny on who is at fault with all the circumstances in this country.

The United States has roughly 300 million people in it. However, the ones with all the power is limited to 545. Everything that pertains to the United States is because of the decisions of these people. All of them are responsible and entitled to the blame.

Here they are:

The President of the United States 1
Members of the U.S. Senate 100
Members of the House of Representatives 435
Supreme Court Justices 9

This is the 3 facets of the United States Government. Here is the representation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. All told, these 545 people decide all that occurs as it pertains to the United States.

Do you grasp the weight of this idea. The lives of 300 million people are affected by the actions of 545. And if you do not like what happens with one branch, you can appeal to another branch. However, notice that you are bouncing between the same 545 people.

Some will say the lobbyists are at fault. While they are part of the picture, they have no influence unless one of the members grants it to them. A lobbyist could offer $100 million yet nothing happens until the Member of Congress accepts it. Talk radio is often blamed for things. Again, that body cannot institute laws. Neither can the educational systems or "think tanks". Not one war or military conflict was at the request of these bodies. Everything comes under the jurisdiction of these 545 people.

Consider this the next time some politician is on television blaming others for America's plight. The war in Iraq is the decision of these people. We are suffering a financial crisis because these people allowed it to happen. Foreclosures mount because they allow it. Any law that is written is because that is how they want it. And, any change that occurs, is only because of them, not us.

This is the reality of life in America. The political system is one that is solid in it's foundation. However, the people who are at the helm bring nothing but corruption and deceit. Even if they enter the fray with a degree of ethics, the environment that exists corrupts. The only way to solve this situation is to remove all that are there and begin with a new cast. Yet this will not happen since those in power are not going to hand it over.

Therefore, it must be taken from them. This is the major premise of the concept of revolution. It is time that these 545 people answered to us instead of us answering to them. There is a visible resentment brewing among the American people towards our government. Factions will come together for a common cause. In this instance, the cause is the elimination of those who are responsible. And to find them, look no further than those who have the power.

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