Monday, December 15, 2008

McCain Says...

Did you catch John McCain on ABC yesterday? He was on there chastising the GOP for going after Obama over this Senate seat scandal. Of course, this is no surprise from an appeaser like McCain. Now don't get me wrong, the GOP is scandalous by it's very existence. However, someone has a responsibility to push the corrupt politicos from Chicago into talking. I am miffed that all these people feel they do not have an obligation to reveal their connections.

We demanded to know about Ollie North/Contras, Bill Clinton/Whitewater, and George Bush/Big Oil. Why should this incident be any different? Because Obama's hands appear to be clean? What about his Chief of Staff? The FBI transcripts indicate there might be a bit closer relationship there between him and the Governor. Nevertheless, it is worth us looking into it.

So, once again, Mccain, for all his talk of being a "Maverick", is protecting the system. It stands to reason since he is well entrenched in that system. His idea of moving forward onto the more important issues is absurd. What is more important than the potential selling of a Senate seat? That is something which goes to the very fabric of American democracy. But, like with most things, McCain misses it. Sadly, he took one too many blows to the head at the hands of the North Koreans. Senator McCain, we thank you for your military service. Now go home and stop disgracing us.

"It is the responsibility of every citizen to question authority" -Benjamin Franklin

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