Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Senator Kennedy?

What is the value of a name? If that name is Kennedy, it seems that it is worth at least a Senate seat. Qualifications matter none if you have the proper surname. As long as you can raise money and wield some power, that is all that is needed. Who cares if you haven't really done anything substantial in your life.

I suggest that you go to Dick Morris' site to read an excellent article about this subject.

Rumors are that the Governor of New York will appoint Caroline Kennedy to replace Senator Clinton who is moving into the Obama administration. Dick Morris doesn't agree with this assessment, yet it is the prevailing wisdom. The Kennedy name is still a powerful tool in politics, capable of raising tremendous amounts of money.

So where does this leave the people of New York? I would surmise that they suffer in terms of knowledgeable representation. Kennedy spent most of her adult existence in the City while having limited, if any, insight into the rest of the state. Also, being from a wealthy family leaves her unable to identify with the average person. I mean, what does she know about the plight of someone in Binghamton or Syracuse? Does she even know where these places are? I think it is highly unlikely.

We are seeing more distant between the viewpoints of our political leaders and the people in general. This only stressing how things are going. The appointment of Caroline Kennedy will be nothing more than an entitlement selection. What is sad is that she will accept it. This shows how her mind things. There is absolutely no regard to whether she can do a good job.

I think it a disgrace what is going on. This is something that the Founding Fathers found to be distasteful about the British style of government. And, here we are, 200+ years later, replicating the same system. There was a fight over this point at that time; perhaps it is time to replicate that same action. A revolution is at hand.

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