Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Waste of Manpower?

Over the last week, the little town that I live in arrested 10 prostitutes for solicitation. They were "streetwalkers" who were caught in an undercover sting. Now, all of them face prosecution for this "crime".

We have witnessed something similar with regards to Craigslist. There are undercover cops who are portraying prostitutes in an effort to catch men trying to pick up prostitutes. At the same time, there are those who are undercover pretending to be Johns looking to trap someone soliciting. From what I read, they are fairly successful at this.

Why are we doing this? If you consider all the terrible crimes being committed, how does prostitution rank high on them? To me, it looks like a terrible waste of time and money. When you think about all the hours that are spent arresting, booking, trying, and jailing these people, it is insane; especially when compared to the real crimes that are committed.

I think Internet police is a wonderful idea. However, instead of going after Johns and prostitutes, why not take all that effort and put it into chasing child molesters. How about those who engage in "kiddy" porn? Nail their asses to the wall. They are the ones who really do harm to society.

The religious right still wields great power. Our government still feels it ought to legislate morality. Therefore, it creates a law banning certain activities. It is senseless. If the government did everything else well, I could see it getting into this arena. However, until it can teach our children properly, it ought to leave the hookers alone. Use the resources for a more productive purpose.

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