Saturday, December 13, 2008

King George?

Congress decided to pass on the bailout of the Big Three and the UAW the other day. This is a testament to how our system works. We elect our representatives into Congress to represent our interest. According to many polls, it appears that the majority of the American people favor letting the automobile manufacturers go into bankruptcy. Simply, they are against the bailout and the decision of Congress reflects this idea.

Enter George Bush. He decides that Congress is wrong and these companies need the taxpayer money. Together with Paulson (our #1 prospect to hang), they determined that some of the money approved for the financial institutions should go to Detroit. Where does the President get off thinking this is acceptable? Is this anywhere remotely close to what is Constitutional? Of course not.

Consider what is going on here. This is remarkably similar to the events of the mid 1700s. Have you every heard the phrase "taxation without representation"? I believe we are witnessing the same thing. The morons in Washington feel they can spend taxpayer money at their whim; all without consequence. Now, Bush has moved the Presidency closer to a monarchy. He decides what is best for the country.

Maybe Dennis Kucinich was right when he proposed impeaching Bush. Or should we call him King George?

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