Friday, December 26, 2008

This is how ridiculous it has gotten

A woman in Pensacola is claiming that she was fired for saying "Merry Christmas" when she greeted callers. Naturally, the company is denying the accusation. Nevertheless, legal action is following. (Here is the story).

Now, I will start by saying I have no idea why this woman was terminated. Her guilt or innocence in this particular instance is not the issue. The idea that something like this does occur shows the mindset we have as a culture. Also, later in the article, that dogpuke of an attorney tells of how "the smartest choice might be ignoring the season". He ought to be kicked in the head for that statement.

Here is the 411. Most of the American population is made up of people with Christian backgrounds. By now most of you know that I am not a religious zealot. Other than a wedding or funeral, I cannot think of the last time I was in a church. Nevertheless, I do understand that many people choose to practice their faith in that manner. And, Christmas is the highlight of their religious devotion.

I do not know why we have allowed the blatant attacks on Christianity. It seems that being offensive to Muslims is the least of our worries. Besides, they make up then less than 5% of our population. Thus, if they do not like it, tough. Isn't that what democracy is about? If the majority want it a certain way, that is what rules. Since the majority are made up of Christians, then they have a right to express their beliefs as they see fit.

Besides, what about Christmas offends the other religions? Is there a massive "offending" of individuals or is this a weapon used by the media and secularists to further their agenda. Perhaps the Muslims and Jews could care less when in reality it is the atheists who are offended. Well, tough crap. Get over it.

Who says we need to contour our actions when other people are offended? Right now, I am offended that we have corrupt politicians running our country. Nancy Pelosi offends me. So does George Bush. Dick Chaney too. Let us not forget Barack Obama. And, of course, Barney Frank. They are all liars, cheats, and greedy for power. I think they all need to be exiled to Elba along with the rest of Congress and half the Supreme Court. They are offensive to me. Yet nobody seems to want to help me with this dilemma.

Personally, I say the hell with saying "Happy Holidays". The tradition in America is to say "Merry Christmas" and that is what I say. Again, you will not see me in church celebrating the birth of Christ but I do respect those that do. Of course, if those people want to shove their beliefs down my throat, I am perfectly happy to take their Bible and beat them over the head with it. I respect others choice of faith while expecting them to respect mine.

What this all boils down to is the political argument over the separation of church and state. Of course, this is another one of those nifty lines created by those who want to get God out of all aspects of the government. Once again, these people took the thoughts of the Founding Fathers and turned them all around. The idea was that the government does not have the right to mandate any national religion or restrict the choice of any individual. This was one of their complaints against England many centuries ago. Nevertheless, they did not feel that we were to establish a government devoid of any Deity. It is obvious the individuals who founded this country were deeply religious individuals.

Where does this all leave us? For this woman in Pensacola, she will be in court. If she did suffer an ill-fated termination because of her beliefs, I hope they bankrupt the company. However, if she is filing another frivalous lawsuit, I pray the judge throws her in jail for a month to let her think about her lies. As for the rest of the country, this is another barbaric attack by a few on the wants of the majority. This is no different then that sleazy maneuver Bush pulled with the Auto companies. The wishes of a few overrode the desires of the majority. It is sounding a lot like 1776.

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