Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raise The Gasoline Tax

Did you know that Stephen Chu is going to be Obama's energy secretary? I didn't either. In fact, I can't tell you who is the present energy secretary. The only time these people become relevant is when there is a major screw up (i.e. Chris Cox) or they say something really stupid. It seems that Chu falls into the later at this moment.

He believes that Obama ought to raise the gasoline tax over the next 15 years so that we (the people) have an incentive to buy more fuel efficient cars and shift to alternative fuels. Isn't that lovely? They want to mandate how we behave by placing incentives, or punishments, in front of the American people. This guy ought to be beaten with his Nobel Prize for saying that.

Fortunately, Obama used some common sense and nixed the idea. Raising taxes in a time of economic crisis is not a good idea no matter what your political affiliantion. New York will realize how much their revenues decrease because large tariffs the governor is proposing. What is most irritating is that a large portion of the problems we now are confronted with are due to the government's intervention. They caused it while we are stuck paying for it. This is the new American way.

I say the day of taxation without representation has returned. This was one of the foundations of the first American revolution. We are nearing the time when the second one is in order. Stay tuned.

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