Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seems Management Isnt The Only Ones With Perks

Now, the truth is coming out. We were led to believe that the management at the automakers were wasting company money on perks that were senseless. At the same time, Ron Gettlefinger pleaded with Congress for money to save jobs and the workers. His concern is for the people.

It now appears the UAW had their own perks. Read story here.

The Union has their own golf course. Of course, they are defending it as an investment which is used to train members and hold seminars. Unfortunately, it is losing millions of dollars each year. I guess golf courses aren't the money makers they use to be.

Once again, we were misled by those in power. Everyone knows that the management of the Big Three totally missed the direction of the marketplace. Nevertheless, the Union head proves himself to be a snake in the grass also. The impression that the Union is only concerned about getting as much as they can is now reaffirmed. And I won't even mention the "end around" that Bush pulled in bailing these idiots out. They are all culpable in this.

This is just another example of the corruption that those in power are fulled with. This takes us one step closer to the needing a massive uprising.

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