Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christopher Cox: The Only Man Among Them

Christopher Cox is the only stand up guy in the entire financial mess. Throughout this entire crisis, he was the only one to admit fault. Once again, he is the one standing up and taking blame for the errors under his watch. The Madoff scheme is another bludder of the SEC that occurred while Cox was in charge. I admire the guy for standing up to face the heat.

Of course, Cox is completely incompetant. He proved that on numberous occasions. With his track record, his next position ought to be sweeping Wall Street instead of overseeing it. However, character is so rare among the leaders today. If you have a tough time believing that, name me one other person who said that their organization had a hand in the financial mess we are now in.

Barney Frank, the Congressman who oversaw Fannie and Freddie, says he is innocent. Nancy Pelosi feels that Congress had no part in the financial meltdown. Paulson offers up another bogus plan instead of saying where the Treasury screwed up. Obama and McCain stated they warned everyone about this back in '94 and '95. They must have been in the men's room at the time since their prognosis didn't make it into the media. Not a one of them stood up and said, "our organization screwed up and it hurt people. None other than Chris Cox.

It is a shame that Cox was so bad at his job. However, since I believe that more than the SEC is at fault, he is not the only incompetant one in this ordeal. There is enough blame to go around. Yet everyone is deflecting it. That is why they all should be stepped on like the cockroaches they are. It is time to get rid of every single one of them.

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