Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iran Insulted?

An article appeared in a British newspaper that mentioned how insulted Iran is at a new movie Mickey Rourke just released. It seems that during the movie, the character, a wrestler, waves the Iranian flag before ramming his opponent with it. Evidently, the Iranians find this offensive.

My answer to that: GOOD!!! I think we need to ratchet up the offense to the government of Iran. These people are pukes. They deserve to die. I think it a gross injustice that Bush failed to support Israel's plan to bomb Iran. Turns out Bush is a liberal wimp after all.

As I mentioned quite often, the days of being nice to these bastards is over. Our government needs to take a strong stand against the evil forces in the world. Of course, I am not holding my breath since the same evil forces presently occupy the seats in Congress. They are just as intent on destroying America as the radical Muslim terrorists.

I wish people would get their heads out of their asses with all that is going on. If the events over the last few months don't tell you how much corruption that exists, then there is no hope for you. Oh yes I know. Obama is going to clean it up. Yeah right!!! He might surpass them all in the corruption department.

At least I can take solace at night knowing that a Mickey Rourke movie pissed the Iranians off. That couldn't happen to a better group of people.

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