Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chicago Corruption

Is anyone surprised at the corruption that emerged this week regarding Barack Obama's senate seat? Certainly, if there is an area of the country that is ripe for this type of gross corruption, it is Illonois. The Chicago political machine is wrought with scandalous people. One of the products of this system is moving to Washington to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Is this something that we should be concerned about?

There were attempts during the election to make character and relationships an issue. Since the media was in the bag for Obama, people such as Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres were glossed over. In effect, Obama got a pass on them. Now, it seems there is another scandal lurking around the corner.

Naturally, as of now, Obama is accussed of doing nothing wrong himself. However, his new Chief of Staff is being mentioned as having some ties. That is not surprising since he was the one who replaced the ill-fated Governor Blogojevich in the House a few years back. Trust me when I tell you the relationships in Chicago politics run deep.

Obama mentioned that he casually knew Bill Ayres "from the neighborhood". This was shown to be a lie and that he knew Ayres at a deeper level. Now, Obama is claiming to barely know the Governor. Yet, we know that he supported Blogojevich in both is gubnertorial campaigns. Seems there is more than just a casual relationship.

Of course, we cannot omit the other tie to this situation; Jesse Jackson, Jr. There is believed to be FBI evidence that his people somehow were involved in trying to secure the Senate seat for Jackson. The number of $1 million is being bantered about. Again, I ask if anyone is surprised at this. Jackson, along with his father, are products of this corrupt system. Evidence shows they are perfectly willing to engage in the quid pro quo game that is so prevelant in Chicago politics.

Where does this leave Obama? That is the question that will be answered over the next few months. Evidently, from the transcripts released by the FBI of the wiretaps, Obama separated himself from the bribery game by offering the Governor nothing more than appreciation. Yet, the thread of corruption runs deep among Chicago politicians. Is it possible for someone who excelled so well at it to have done it without getting his hands dirty? Time will tell.

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