Monday, December 29, 2008

Global Warming Debate Over?

We all heard Al Gore spews his garbage about the science regarding man-made global warming being "beyond consensus". To him, the science is clear. The only question I have is "who are these scientists that Al Gore is talking to?". It seems that his surveys were conducted with politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and old hippies. The true "scientists" are having a dispute about the validity of the global warming theory.

Christopher Booker writes in the Telegraph that 2008 witnessed the end of the debate over this subject (here). It seems that the true science is revealing that the Earth entered a cooling period. The absurd claims that the "alarmists" made regarding global warming simply are incorrect. This became a political issue more than a scientific issue of the past few decades. Science shows that the planet naturally goes through cycles and this time period is no different.

We saw no climate change from 1997-2007 when we witnessed a cooling period. This erased any gains in planetary temperature since the end of the 1800s (about 7 degree C). The planet is now the same as it was 110 years ago. At the same time, the polar ice caps recouped most of the mass lost during the warming period of the last 30 years. Since 2006, a mass the size of Texas was added to these sensational sights. Finally, the Pacific Ocean has now entered it cooling phase which oceanologists have shown to trend in 25-30 year time frames. It just so happens that we are ending a warming phase that started in the mid 1970s.

So where does this leave us? We are stuck with a President and political leaders who are 100% behind this myth. They are ready to commit billions to fighting something that does not exist. In fact, the trend is the opposite direction. People are starving and Obama wants to put a "cap and trade" on everything. What a jackass!!! The politics continue to screw the American people who are stuck footing the bill for this.

Money is driving this entire venture. In the next year, the UN will spend over $40 billion on global warming related programs and research. This means a lot of people are being funded by this farce. Do you think they are going to disprove something that provides their paycheck? Not likely. Have you ever wondered why the American Cancer Society never cured cancer despite millions of dollars spent on research? Because it is not in their best interest.

We are going to see the same garbage out of the global alarmist that we witnessed the last few years. Al Gore will stand up and tell us how wrong we are to use regular light bulbs while he flies around on a private jet. Our government, and those around the world, are going to spend billions in an exercise that amounts to trying to "prove Santa Clause". However, we will see more science revealing exactly how inaccurate the alarmists are.

The only thing I can say is to bring a sweater: the next few decades are going to get colder.

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