Saturday, December 20, 2008

Political Agendas: Leading Us Down The Wrong Path?

Once again it seems that the leaders we have in power are going to screw the American people. This time it is with the assistance of the media and the environmental movement. Their alarmist attitudes cause them to overlook blatant evidence to the contrary which will impact the average American negatively.

Recently, 4 leading climate scientists gathered to discuss the merits of global cooling. What I found interesting is that they all have theories about the condition while coming from 4 entirely different fields of science. To me, this is something that is worthy of attention. Nevertheless, the mainstream media, liberal in their bias, ignore this viewpoint altogether. This is an action which ought to make every clear thinker stand up and take notice. There obviously is an agenda being presented by them.

Here is a link that recaps the outlook of these 4 experts.

Contrary to the popular notion put forth by Al Gore, there is not consensus among the minds of science as to what is occurring. Many take the alternate view of what is popular. Sadly, it seems that those who do not believe the link between man's actions and global warming are viewed as heretics; similar to those who go against the tenets of the Church. To me, this is another sign to research further.

Anyway, the idea that caught my attention was put forth by the conference's host, Andy Weissman. He made this statement:

“If we’re about to shift into another natural climate cycle, we can’t do it without coal-fired generation. So the policy debate has to change,” he said. “Coal has to be back on the table if we’re ever going to meet our energy needs.”

The political debate regarding the climate is causing our leaders to defend their position instead of determining what is happening. Obviously, it they are trying to protect the world from global warming while we are in a cooling period, then we are in for a rough time. While it appears that the leaders would not be able to reverse this trend anymore than the movement towards warming, there are consequences for this obtuse thinking.

If Weissman is correct, we are in for a horrible energy situation. This one might make the events of the past year with the run up in the price of oil seem tame. Environmental pressures ensured that fuel choices such as coal are being reduced. The attacks in the name of man made warming are certainly having an effect. We are now conditioned to look at these choice of oil and coal as "dirty" and "evil". Again, contrary to the popular voice, the debate is not clear.

What is of concern is that we will have to pay for this mistake. If massive energy is required to meet our needs because of a cooling of the planet, I would think that is something that a responsible leader would want to prepare for. Of course, the present leadership believes that warming is the danger. Sadly, instead of science, this is driven by ideology. And, we, the people, are going to be the ones to pay.

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