Thursday, December 18, 2008

Global Warming?

Has anyone else noticed the temperatures recently? Yesterday, Las Vegas got snow. This is a city that is in the middle of the desert. And it got snow. Malibu got snow also. For those of you who do not own a globe, that is near Los Angeles. Southern California got snow? What the hell is going on here?

All across the country we are seeing conditions such as these. What makes this incredible is that we are sold a bill of goods by our politicians and the media that we are being threatened by global warming. How is this warming? To me, it is obvious that there is some cooling taking place.

This got me thinking. I am always skeptical when most of the politicians and the mainstream media agree on anything. That usually means we are in trouble. And, when I hear someone like Al Gore say "the debate is over" when it pertains to science, I really sit up and take notice. Getting scientists to agree on anything is impossible. It is like trying to get economists to see things the same way; they never will.

So, what is the truth? To be fair, I will admit that I have studied this subject in some detail. I am not a scientist nor do I profess to be. I only looked at this subject because much of what I heard defied common sense. This led me to look at this closer myself. And guess what I found. We are being misled by those in charge. Is anyone surprised?

Evidently, the Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling. It is a natural cycle that occurred for millions of years. Recently, we notice that the Earth is operating in 25-30 year cycles. The cycle of warming just ended and now we are seeing a period of cooling. This is why we are seeing temperatures in certain areas that haven't occurred in 100 years. Some are believing that we are at the beginnings of another "Mini Ice Age". That is a far cry from the catastrophic warming we are told to fear.

Why so much misinformation? It is simple. MONEY!!! Global Warming is a giant money maker. Everyone is funding it because it is impossible to say "no" to. All the governments around the world are buying into it as is the UN. With Obama in charge, we are now going to see the United States on board. Welcome to the party.

I will write more about this in following posts. However, one thing that is interesting is how the name of this occurrence changed the last few years. Anytime this occurs, I see some fancy shenanigans be played. This is a move the political and media establishments do to us all the time. So, I really took notice when "global warming" because "climate change". Now why do you suppose that happened?

This is meant to drive home a point of how manipulated we are by those in power. If you feel this is not a correct assessment about the global climate, I challenge you to do some research. I want you to prove where there is no debate about the direction of the Earth's temperature and the link to man causing it. Do a search on "global cooling" to see what results you get. You will find some highly qualified scientist who have researched this topic. Interestingly, they do not have the huge research grants of the warming crowd. Again, that in itself ought to make you wonder.

Follow the money if you want to get to the truth. Or if you are in Las Vegas, just look out your window.

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