Sunday, December 14, 2008

$1 Trillion Dollars

Say that number and let it sink in. One Trillion Dollars. That is a lot of freaking money. It is also the low end estimates of how much the terrorists in Congress and Obama are going to spend over the next two years to TRY and kickstart the economy. Are we stupid or what? Do we think these morons have any clue how to revive this situation?

The cornerstone is a massive public works project that will put people to work. Our new administration is going to take a page out of the FDR playbook during the Great Depression. Sadly, it is the part of the playbook that did not work. For all the insane project FDR put into effect, it was the entering of World War II that got us out of the Great Depression. Nothing else.

So, our impeccable leaders in the White House and Congress are going to spend $1 trillion (which in government terms means 3 or 4) to revive the economy. The deficit is going to reach record levels with the backing of those in Congress. I find that interesting since Barney Frank told us for 8 years how bad they were. Now, he is a fan of them. I wish someone would kick that fat ass in the teeth to shut him up for a while.

The American Revolution was fought over the unfair tax policies of the British. It seems to me we have a remake of the same situation. The tax and spend mentality of the government needs to be stopped. Either they can do it willingly or there will be a massive uprising. Do not forget, at some point the government will need to raise the money. The only way they know how is to tax. They will tell us they are going after the rich when in reality, it is always the "little guy" who gets stuck with the bill. If you dispute this, read a history book.

Spending money is always the government's answer to every problem. With $1 trillion, you ought to be able to fix a lot of things. However, it is important to remember that thus far, the Feds spent over $1.5 in title 1 money for education. That seems to work well considering we have a bunch of idiots getting out of school these days. $1.5 trillion and our kids cannot read. That is the government in action.

Someday people will realize that the government is not the answer to any of their problems. The government has a perfect record screwing everything up. Get them invovled and it is all downhill. Social security-broke. School lunch programs-a disaster. Education-abysmal. Bank and automaker ownership-TBD.

Perhaps it is time to shut off the video games or reruns of Seinfeld and read a history book. This scenario played out 200+ years ago. Am I the only one who sees the similarities?

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1 comment:

William said...

I just found this and I totally Agree with you, this governmental insanity occured 200 some odd years ago when the British taxed the Colonists into Oblivion, except this time everyone is too busy worshipping Obama and acting like idiots, I just think the kool-aid drinkers have been so sedated that they believe morons like Barney Frank.