Thursday, October 23, 2008

America Is A Socialistic Nation

I read a blog this morning where the writer mentioned that America turned into a socialistic nation. This is a point that I will not debate because I feel it true. What struck me is this individual felt that it was a good thing and that we should just "deal with it". This is the point that I differ from this individual. Sitting back while happily accepting the shift to a failed system is not what I do.

Anyone who learned a bit of history knows that we became the richest country in the world in a few short centuries. We eclipsed all of Europe and Asia, nations that were around for thousands of years. The reason is because of the values of hard work, independence, and free market systems. Socialism contains none of these aspects. Under that system, the government provides all for the people. It might work in a country with 15 million people. However, when there are 300 million people to take care of, this is a recipe for disaster.

In my view, socialism deters personal responsibility. Since the government is the provider of all, it is the one responsible. Personal decisions are greatly reduced. We are seeing this here. The existing welfare state models this. For the check received each month, people are told where to live, what is appropriate food, and how much one can earn. The personal profit motive is removed.

Why do I detest this system so much? The reason I do is because I value freedom above all else. My belief is the government is inept at running things. Regardless of the people who are in office, the system is rigged for inefficiency and failure.

The recent bailout of the banks epitomizes how the government operates. We saw it fail to oversee the events occurring on Wall Street. This led to a crisis which costs the taxpayers billions of dollars. The fact that it happened with a Republican President shows how socialistic everything is. They are the party who promotes free enterprise, at least in theory. Sadly, the ones stuck paying for this mess are those hard working individuals who make the economy go. Do you think the welfare recipients are going to kick something in? Certainly not.

There is no accountability in government. An individual serves a particular term(s) only to ride off into the sunset. The wreckage left behind is not a concern to them. Often, they believe they did a terrific job. Do you think Jimmy Carter believes his Presidency was a disaster? Did Ronald Reagan think that his supply side policies would come back to haunt us 20 years later? I doubt it highly.

As for me, I am refusing to accept the recent swing towards socialism. This country was founded by people who took a stand against tyranny. We are witnessing the same thing today. However, this version is made up of King George, Queen Nancy, and Prince Harry. These are three of the most powerful people in Washington and the blame lays at their feet.

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