Thursday, October 23, 2008

Modern Day Slavery

Slavery was outlawed by the Federal Government over 150 years ago. Nevertheless, there is a new form of slavery that exists. This time, instead of a rich plantation owner, it is the government that is the slave owner.

I dare someone to tell me the difference between the slave owner of yesteryear and today. They both had control over the people under their power. The slave was dependent upon the plantation owner for food, clothing, and shelter. This sounds a lot like the present welfare system.

The masses are falling for it big time. Politicians promised to help the lower bracket of society for decades. Has anything improved? Of course not. Improvement is not their concern. Controlling the masses is what they desire. Handouts are the perfect mechanism to do this.

Self reliance is something these politicos abhor. Someone who can take care of himself or herself is not under their power. Therefore, they need to beat the person into submission. They try not to do it literally but the cases of police brutality show otherwise. Nevertheless, economic power is what they wield.

How long will people fall for it? I think they will keep buying into the idea. The concept of "something for nothing" holds great allure. After all, they are owed this. The income tax system shows how the sharing of wealth is at the core of it all. It is all done in the name of power.

Sadly, the "slaves" of today don't know what is happening. At least the ones who lived in the 1800s had a clue when they felt the end of the whip against their skin. Today, the masses are clueless.

Why is a different tax structure resisted by politicians when different systems are proven to be more beneficial? There are instances in Eastern Europe where the flat tax is producing thriving economies in the old Soviet-bloc countries. The answer is power. Without the "Robin Hood" storyline of taxing the rich to give a leg up to the poor, these people would lose control. Therefore, they push for the status quo so that they can fight against "tax cuts for the rich". What a bunch of crap.

How do you feel reading these words? Do you resist this notion thinking it insane? If so, get a clue. Look around you to see what is going on. What do you think the inner city is? It is nothing more than a modern day plantation all funded by the government.

I am awaiting the day when the government pushes too far. Mark my words, there will come a time when there is an uprising in this country. The only question is where the new revolution will start. We will have to wait and see.

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