Friday, October 24, 2008

The Talking Heads Are At It

How stupid can some people be? It amazes me how ideology makes total fools out of seemingly intelligent people. Here is a news flash: there will be no tax breaks for anyone in the coming years regardless of who wins. The best that might occur is that McCain holds the existing tax cuts in place (if he wins). Most likely, since the Congress will be overwhelmingly Democrat, he will be pushed into a tax increase.

The government bailout screwed all of us since we spent so much money. Yet all the pundits believe the talking points of the campaigns. Get real. We blew threw $1.45 trillion in the last month. There are only a few choices left: raise taxes, increase the deficit, or go back on campaign promises. Which will they choose? My guess is a combination of the above.

It makes me want to puke when these morons on t.v. and the radio believe the outright lies of the candidates. I understand how the politicians delude themselves. Sadly, they think they are going to do what they say. In reality, they do not. This is a fact of politics.

So what are you voting for? It comes down to who is lying to you least. The pathetic part is that the people in the media believe the talking points. This is sad since there are so many intelligent people who cover these elections. Yet their ideology cannot allow them to see the truth.

The bottom line is that we are all being lied to. Our fearless government led us down a path of destruction. It promised us lots of handouts that we are now having to pay for. Recent estimates have the debt at $500,000+ per family in the country. Does anyone believe this amount can be made up? Of course not. It is impossible for us to pay back $10-$12 trillion.

Perhaps it is best if we start all over. Throw everyone who is responsible for this mess out of office (and into jail) while wiping the slate clean. This is what happens during a revolution. We are rapidly moving towards some drastic action.

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