Friday, October 24, 2008

The Advantage of the Economy

I am grateful that the economy is the major issue of this election cycle. It is horrible that people have to suffer because of the ineptitude of others. Our leaders let us down at every level. Sure, they all claim they saw it coming while trying to warn others. Both McCain and Obama stated they proposed legislation to reel in Freddie and Fannie. If they knew it was such a problem, why weren't they standing on President Bush's head until he listened? Well, that is a matter for another post.

The economy is front and center. It is the sole topic that made everything else secondary. The reason I am grateful for that is the religious right is finally negated. At the moment, nobody gives a crap what the Bible thumpers think. I, for one, am ecstatic to have an election without gay marriage being a subject. Really, who cares? How does this affect anyone other than the gays and the nosy religious freaks who want to push their morality down our throats? The truth is that it does not.

How about abortion? This is another one that is a favorite of these same people. They tried to bring it in with the nomination of Palin. Fortunately, other than stating what her stance is, there is little mentioned of it. Here is a clue people. The Supreme Court has so far legitimized the procedure. Get over it.

I always commend people for being passionate about their views and following them. Frankly, I could care less if someone wants to spend his/her time promoting the criminalization of abortion. What I take exception to is the constant ramming of it down our throats like anyone is going to change their mind. This is an issue that people are resilient in their beliefs. People on both sides of the equation are solid in their choices.

Those who want to instill their morality upon me need to be slapped. I have read the Bible enough to know that religion twists the initial meaning. They use fear to control the general population. Someone once said that "religion is the opiate of the masses". Nobody proves this better than the present day religious right. They want to legislate all the moral choices you make. To them I say, mind your own damn business.

The bottom line is there is always a silver lining. Our country is going to crap but at least the religious nuts are quiet. To me, it is almost worth the trade-off.

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