Thursday, October 23, 2008

The True Terrorist Threat

For the last 6+ years, we heard how we need to fight the "war on terror". First we started in Afghanistan before moving into Iraq. This was done in an effort to hunt down and kill those who meant to do the American people harm. I agree that you cannot negotiate with these nuts, so kill them. They are willing to die for their beliefs so it is up to us to accommodate them.

However, they are not the truly terror that most Americans face. There is an organization that is far more powerful and destructive than anything outside our borders. It is the government, specifically, the United States Congress. This institution is doing more to harm people than all the attacks on America combined; including Pearl Harbor.

The external terrorists can never win. Our military might is just too great. They might get a few victories such as 9/11. Yet in the end, we will wipe them out. There is literally no where for them to hide that we cannot get to them. Iraq showed that even a government protecting them is no match for the might of our military.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the internal terrorists. This is a group of people who are patient. They wage a war on another front. Violence is not their mode. They utilize thought control. It all started with the indoctrination of young minds in school. Over the last few decades, these terrorists have gain more power over the general population. It is remarkably similar to the tactics used by Adolf Hitler.

Not only did they train young minds to believe a certain way, they also work on the adults by controlling the media. This is another trick used by Hitler. He took control of the media, thus allowing him to take over Germany without firing a shot.

What is this threat going to do to you? It will grow in size and scope until it controls every aspect of your life. If you question this, please explain your position on personal privacy. It does not exist anymore. Do you have representation or are you just getting taxation? These are ideas which you need to think about.

Each time a politician tells you about the threat from the terrorists outside our border, think about this article. How come nobody is mentioning the terrorists in Washington, D.C.?

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