Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is an issue that was at the core of the American Revolution 230+ years ago. The American colonies rebelled at the taxes imposed upon them by England. Their motto was "taxation without representation". Our countries independence was sought after because of the taking of their money which benefited those in Europe.

Fast forward to our present era. We now have a Vice Presidential candidate who feels it is patriotic to pay taxes. What an ass he is. It is patriotic to go serve on the battlefield. Paying taxes is something we do to sustain the necessary services that society needs. At least that was the initial intention.

We also have a Presidential candidate who feels that we need to "redistribute the wealth" (actually, both want to do that in their own way). This shows how clueless these morons are. The concept of "protecting the less fortunate" is a myth. Our government has protected them to the point of dependence.

Personal responsibility is non-existent. The overwhelming idea is that the government is responsible for punishing success. It likes to spew "tax the rich". History shows the only one who gets screwed are those who are trying to make it. Teddy Kennedy is rich. So is John Kerry. Do you think they pay their fair share of taxes? If you do, you need your head examined. The Kennedy fortune is stowed away in family trust and shelters all which are exempt from taxes (and litigation). The rich protect themselves.

Without going into the absurdity of our tax code, my main question is "do you feel you are represented properly on the tax matter"? The answer is "no"! Everyone in Washington has their hand out. While they might want to cut taxes, they do not want to give up the power that comes from them. Redistributing the wealth is nothing more than a power play.

People need a wake up call. The average individual works into May just to pay taxes. Upwards to 40% of the average person's pay goes towards taxes of some kind. This is an absolute crime. Those who are responsible ought to be stoned to death. And the one that is at fault is the government.

We are in a new era. This election is critical for one reason: the winner will determine the pace which we implode. Obama, with his tax and spend policy, will throw the economy into a depression. He, along with his liberal cronies in Congress, will move us into a socialistic state overnight. McCain will take a little longer but he will get us there also. With him, bailout for corporations will occur with regularity. Suddenly, every business is of national importance.

Remember the lessons of the past. The events of the 1700s can easily recur. It is time that people realized how close this situation is to erupting.

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