Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Biggest Liars In The World

This was a tough one for me. When thinking of who the biggest liars are, it is hard not to point to the politicians. These are the folks who are knows for being professional liars. "Promise one thing and do another". This is their motto. That being said, I believe that there is another group that surpasses politicians in their dishonesty: the media.

Fox News claims to be fair and balanced. Another wants to deliver "all the news, all the time". They all are lying. Each network is full of talking heads who want to promote some type of agenda. It matters none whether they are left or right wing. Both sides skew stories to the point that they do not reflect reality.

Why does the media get the liar award? Basically, because they are organizations that are suppose to deliver the facts to us. Do we really care what Sarah Palin spends on clothing? How does this impact her ability to serve as VP? The Obama campaign spent over $400,000 on food? I know this is imperative to his capabilities as potential leader of the free world. Are you serious? This is all garbage.

Perhaps it is because these networks need to fill up 24 hours a day. To me it does not matter. The media's dishonesty is becoming more apparent with each day. I am glad to see the major media outlets losing viewers. They have a long standing policy of contouring to the Hollywood elite. Being out of touch with the average American is what is causing them to lose the trust of viewers. Look at Katie Couric. Is anyone confusing her with the second coming of Walter Cronkite? Of course not. He was trusted and admired because he delivered the facts. These pukes on television skew everything to their ideology (this includes talk radio too).

The bottom line is the major media offers no truth. Believe none of what it says. It is the biggest liar in the world.

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