Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Government Running A Business

What is the business that the government operates which is a total mess? While you can point to Amtrak, I am referring to the United States Post Office. Many will claim this entity is separate from the Federal Government. Do not buy it. This is as government as it gets.

Did you notice the head of the Post Office was in front of Congress begging for money? It seems this entity, which has a monopoly on private letters, is running out of money. Without help from Congress they will have to stop paying some of their bills. Well, maybe we should let the Post Office fail?

Here is the article spelling out the details.

Of course, this is another entity which is in trouble with a unionized workforce. The Postal Inspectors Union is being offered early retirement. My question is how about layoffs? Oh, that cannot be done when there is a union involved. Therefore, this entity will not be profitable since it cannot reduce it's labor expense. Once again the unions strike.

We are seeing the spreading of this mentality with the Obama administration. Everyone will be on Capitol Hill asking for money. The ones leading the charge are the unionized workforces trying to get more money for inferior work. Actually, the postal workers are one of the few who truly earn their money. Yet, we have the teacher unions screwing up our schools while passing a bunch of morons. The UAW and the Teamsters do even warrant a rant. Their influence is highly noted in companies such as GM.

When will America wake up. Obama is taking this country to a point where it might not recover. To be honest, that doesn't really bother me. We might need to blow this entire thing up and start anew. The average person is so clueless it simply astounds me. Well, they will be the ones slaughtered like sheep.

Let the revolution begin.

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