Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama and Notre Dame

There is now some controversy over Obama making a visit to Notre Dame. As everyone is aware, Obama has some views that shake the foundation of the Church. His reversal of the stem cell research strikes at the core of this faith as does Obama's support of abortion. Obviously, he is one who doesn't agree with the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

That being said, he is still the sitting President. There is a tradition that the Presidents are invited to speak at Notre Dame. It is something that is now being carried forward by the institution even though Obama has views in opposition to them. They are simply adhering to an established tradition.

Yet some seem to have their panties in a wringer over it. I can understand being opposed to someone who is in direct opposition to your deeply held views. It is your right to voice that opinion. However, get over the fact that he is speaking at Notre Dame. His being there is not a sign that the Church is condoning his beliefs. Nor are they abandoning theirs. Catholicism will remain the same whether Obama is there or not.

I only hope those who are inside the hall there show the President the proper respect. You might not like/respect Obama, but do respect the office. Give him a chance to make his speech uninterrupted. If people want to protest, let them do it outside. That is the proper forum for that.

Sometimes we forget that the Office does deserve out esteem. Even if Obama is the worst President in the history of the country, he is one of only a few men ever to hold that office. And, it is the highest office we have in our land. For that, it deserves our respect even if the man doesnt. Hoping Notre Dame is listening.

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