Sunday, March 8, 2009

Job 1: Protect Us

The politicians in Washington are forgetting one thing: the most important responsibility they have is to protect the American people. Mark my words: if Americans are harmed by terrorist organizations, whether they are from the Middle East or Mexico, there will be hell to pay. Obama and his cronies better develop some defense mechanisms. Their liberal pandering to people who hate us is going to get people killed. That will result in a sentiment to pay back in kind.

Mexico is a mess. Someone better realize that. Enough cow-towing to all the Hispanic organizations. If you dont like it, leave. This is a place where the citizens of this country have a right to feel safe. All the illegals coming over the border are putting innocent people's lives at risk. It needs to stop. We are witnessing chaos in our cities and the Federal government sits back and does nothing.

Houston is a city that is in total disarray. I believe they are still trying to recover from all the lowlife scum they accept from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Now, they are dealing with Mexican drug dealers. Here is a story which shows the danger this city is facing.

I will say one thing about the Socialist George Bush: he understood how important it was to protect the American people. It was something that he stayed consistent with no matter what the polls said. He went to bed believing he did all he could to protect America. And, the results show that he was successful. Nothing happened on American soil after 9/11. I doubt the same would be true if Obama was running the show. I sense that we are going to see something happen in the next few years as Obama and the liberals reveal all our secrets (just think of Diana Feinstein revealing on camera that we used Pakastani bases). These people have absolutely no clue.

The time is nearing when the American people will have to take matters in their own hands. It is sad because most of them are sheep. In all actuality, many of them deserve their fate. It is the basis of nature. Survival of the fittest is the norm. In this era, it is intelligence that is the main commodity. And, most do not have enough sense to get out of the rain. They will learn only after it is too late.

I am here to warn everyone of the impending changes that are coming. We are seeing chaos in every facet of our lives. If you believe the government is going to fix anything, you are a total fool. The fact that our southern border is not secure shows how inept the United States leadership is. We are harking on a time when collapse on many fronts is a possibility.

Make your preparations now.

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