Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Stupidity of The Young

Young people today must be dumber than at any other point in our history. The future leaders of tomorrow are brain dead. I am quickly becoming convinced of it. All the "dumbing" down that our educational system has done in an effort to "not make little Timmy feels less than" is taking its toll. Kids today lack any sense.

We all heard about the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident where he beat her up pretty good. Now, I will admit that I didnt follow the story that closely to know the particulars of what happened. The facts that I did follow is that he roughed her up pretty good. Evidence of the event circulated around the Internet.

What I find disturbing is what a survey in Boston produced. This was an informal study of 200 teenagers. The response is stunning: half believed it was her fault. (Read article here). Are you kidding me? 100 teenagers believed this woman deserved to get her ass kicked by some thug with low self-esteem? Well, that is what the survey produced.

This is why the kids of today at total idiots. What happened to the belief system that it was not right to beat a woman? When I was growing up, this was common sense. Yet, we as a culture seem to say that it is wrong while pardoning those who do it. Rock stars, athletes, and others are given a pass when they are caught doing this. Also, the more the black culture spreads into mainstream society, the more acceptable this becomes. My experience is that domestic violence is more accepted among the blacks. Bitch all you want, look at the stats.

The end result is that society is being taken down another notch because of the acceptance of this behavior. We allow the criminals of this era all kinds of rights. Well, my question is, what about the rights of the victim? This is what we need to address.

Here is my solution in this instance we tie Chris Brown to a chair and let Rihanna beat on his skull for 30 minutes uninterrupted. Let him feel what it is like to be beaten to a pulp.

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