Saturday, March 7, 2009

American Workers

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa is pushing to have foreign workers fired before American workers. It is his belief that the government should tell companies who goes first. The pathetic part of all this is he is referring to companies who did not receive any government bailout. And, he is a Republican, the supposed party of non-government. Yet, he is pushing legislature to make this policy. (read here)

This all stems from the H-1B visa program. Under this, foreign workers are employed to fill roles that American are not qualified to fulfill. The high tech companies are the primary users of these types of workers. Over the last few decades, Americans have not entered into the fields of science and research. Plus, our educational system has inadequately trained our citizens to fill these voids. Thus, high tech companies are forced to get labor from outside the U.S.

Now the government feels the right to tell private companies like Microsoft how to run their businesses. This is abysmal. It is bad enough the morons in Washington are involved in banking, the automobile, and I am sure at some point, the airline industry. These people feel that all is within their rights. Capitalism is being destroyed by all who are in charge.

It is sad that so many people are losing their jobs. Yet, this is a condition of a recession. The marketplace has a way of clearing out the excess. In times of prosperity, lots of companies are formed which cannot survive a downturn. Thus, the marketplace clears out the weaker companies with the stronger ones surviving.

Protectionism does not work. Forcing a company to keep a weaker employee simply because he or she is American is not how businesses flourish. Companies prosper because they accumulate the best talent. Having "protected" people only weakens the entire organization. This is why I have such a problem with unions. They provide cover for those who are inadequate which makes the whole less effective.

Senator Grassley is another politician who has no clue. He simply does not get it. Here is an example of an elitist in Washington who thinks he knows how business should run. This is absurd and ought to be outlawed. It is time for Washington to go away. All they do is screw things up worse.

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