Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Endless Pit

Remember when George Bush went against Congress and gave the auto companies money despite the fact that support was lacking. Does it come as any surprise that we are now facing the situation where they need more? This is rapidly becoming an endless pit for us to throw money down.

Initially the companies received $17 billion. Now, they are asking for another $20 billion although it is believed this number will be a lot higher. Here is an article which details the events going on there.

This is ridiculous. The idea of bailing out these companies is a matter of false pride and cowering to the unions. This is not in the best interest of America. Failing is what is needed. To sustain a losing idea is just pissing money away.

Here is the bottom line: nobody wants the cars that these companies are making. They seem to be pushing their agenda based upon electric cars. Guess what. Sales of hybrids are at a non existent level. Yet the government wants to keep pushing this agenda. Once again the government proves how stupid they really are.

There ought to be an immediate stop to any assistance for the automobile manufacturers. If they cannot make it on their own, let them declare bankruptcy and work it out there. That is why the bankruptcy court was created. Reorganization is what is needed.

The argument that we need these companies is a farce. America would survive if we did not have General Motors. Truthfully, there would still be cars made in the United States. Instead of them being built in Detroit, we would see them in plants located in the South. Nevertheless, this is not part of the liberal, pro-union agenda.

Once again, we see the leadership not doing what is best for America. They have their own agenda.

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