Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Hoopla over AIG

These days, we do not have to look too far to see hypocrisy. It is plastered all over the news. Each time we see a member of Congress open his or her mouth, it is being thrust upon us like a dagger. I am witnessing a lot of "do as I say while ignoring what I do".

Everyone seems outraged over the bonuses that AIG paid after receiving billions from the government. Now, the politicians are grandstanding about how taxpayer money is being wasted. Hello. Didn't we just have Congress pass and the President sign a bill which had over 8,000 pieces of pork in it? These people are as hypocritical as they come.

The fact is that AIG is contractually obligated to pay these people. That is a fundamental tenet of the private sector; the contract. When two parties agree to something in writing, that is known as a legally binding document. Now, the Feds, in their infinite wisdom want to take the money back. Once again, the corrupt are exercising their abuse of power.

We have Barney Frank blowing (pun intended) hot air about all the money going to these corrupt executives. How about we look into Frank blocking reforms into Freddie and Frannie long before they went broke? Then we have Christopher Dodd double talking out his mouth. Of course, he is the one who gets favorable rates without his knowledge. Yeah, right. And lets us not forget Timothy Geitner, the man who couldnt figure out his own taxes. Now, he is up in arms over AIG's behavior.

This is what happens when government gets involved; everything gets screwed up. The fact that 535 politicians who seem to major in stupidity, corruption, and lying are meddling tells us how dire the situation has become. Government is an entity that will fail each time. Presently, we are moving in the direction where we need to overthrow it. Those who are in power are out of control. The time is nearing.

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