Thursday, March 26, 2009

Death Threats

I thought the government was designed to protect the people. Well, welcome to life in this era. This is another part of the original thoughts that went by the wayside. Now, the government, specifically Congress, are putting people in harm's way. It is sad when private citizens are placed at peril by the Feds.

I am obviously referring to the AIG debacle. This story gets crazier by the day. We come to find out that many of those who received bonuses got death threats. To me, this is absurd. It will be interesting to see if the government atones for their screwups by prosecuting these people.

First, it is crucial to realize that those who received the bonuses are law abiding citizens. They had signed contracts which stipulated payments for their services rendered. They were the ones who were looked to in an effort to try to salvage what they could of AIG.

Secondly, they were not the people who caused the collapse. The ones responsible for that mess left over a year ago. People are taking it out on the wrong people.

Then Congress comes up with the idea to tax these people at 90% in an effort to get the money back. This is the equivalent to modern day piracy. All these members of Congress who signed on to this ridiculous idea ought to be tried and convicted. Their actions are outrageous.

Of course, Congress claims they wanted to get the money back for the taxpayers, like it is their money. What a farce. The politicians put people lives at risk for political gain. And have you heard even one apology. Nancy Pelosi ought to call each AIG bonus recipient and personally ask their forgiveness for being such a stupid ass. So should Chuck Shumer. Barney Frank. And the ever corrupt Chris Dodd. These people should be ashamed of their behavior.

Congress is showing how much they can screw things up when the government is involved. There is nothing they touch which they cannot turn into total crap. Lovers of big government show how truly ignorant they really are. Government excels at corruption and inefficiency. This is what they do best.

When private citizens are receiving death as a result of the actions of people in Congress, something needs to be done. Bet the ranch the FBI would be investing if one of the members of Congress received a death threat. Of course, to demand equal justice is absurd. The powerful only protect themselves.

Maybe people will wake up to the fact that these people in Washington need to be thrown out of office. The revolution is nearing.

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